How to Become a Criminal Lawyer

Becoming a criminal lawyer can be a very challenging task but it can also be a very rewarding career choice. It ranks very high among the most popular and rewarding careers along with health care.
This type of legal profession can also open the door to many other kinds of jobs which include publicly defending criminals, prosecuting them, and even becoming a judge in a courtroom setting. If you desire to become a good lawyer you will definitely have to maintain good study habits at an early age.
Many law schools will look all the way back as far as high school to determine study habits. If you were not the type to turn your assignments in on time or pass tests that often, this could very well affect your admission into a top quality law school. It is a good idea to take different courses in Social Studies and public speaking as well to prepare for this type of job.
The very next thing you will need to do is attend a four year university. There are many ways you can pay for schools either by get grants or student loans. When you are enrolled you will have to finish all 4 years of school to receive your bachelor’s degree before you can be considered to enter law school. It doesn’t really matter what you have a degree in but a better and more preferred option would be to have one in criminal justice.
The next step will be to study for and then take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT). This test is given up to four times a year in hundreds of places all over North America. When you take the test you will see that it split into 5 thirty five minute sessions which will test your knowledge at practicing law. The LSAT is the benchmark of many law schools that are in membership with it as well as Canadian law schools and even schools that have not been approved by the ABA yet.
After this you will now be able to apply for law school but be advised it is a smart option to apply to more than one school because relying on one to accept you is not a guarantee. As stated earlier, this profession is quite popular which means that class sizes are likely to be limited to you. Make sure that you properly research the school you are trying to attend and that it is accredited by the American Bar Association. When you are finally selected by a school you will have to complete at least 3 years of study.
When you complete these 3 years you will now have your degree in law. At this point you will still not be able to be an attorney until you pass the BAR exam but many people are paralegals in a criminal lawyer’s office until they complete the exam. When you are ready to take the BAR exam be aware that each state has its own version and you will need to pass that states criteria to become able to practice law in that state.