I Had To Know If He Was Cheating On Me

My story is like that of many women who have who gone through divorce because of infidelity. My husband and I were having problems but I did not realize just how deep those problems were until I started checking his computer history. Although my story ended well, it does not for many women. Instead of being forced out of my home without any alimony, I did the smart thing and hired a private detective to get proof. I was determined to win my divorce battle and it was the best decision I ever made.

Every woman thinks she is suddenly Columbo when the finds out her man has been cheating on her. There is something about a woman that keeps her searching until she gets the answers. While I knew he was up to no good, I had no way to get proof without him becoming suspicious of my actions. When I first began looking through his computer and his phone, I was devastated to learn he was talking with other women and even flirting with them. I had to know if it had gone further than that but I did not even know where to begin.

I talked with my best friend and confided in her on what I had found. She was so angry she wanted to do anything she could to help me so she gave me a name and number that changed my life forever. She gave me the information of a local private detective and I kept it in my purse for days, buried somewhere with my gum and makeup. One night, I heard my husband talking on the phone when he didn’t know I was in the room and I knew by the conversation he was not talking to his mother. It was then I remembered the number in my purse.

When I met with the private detective, he understood my needs and began investigating my husband that very day. Within a week, I had all the information I needed so I could pursue my divorce and get everything I was asking for. When my husband and his lawyer saw all my evidence, they gave me the house, cars, and even the vacation home. If you are dealing with a cheating husband, don’t wait like I did. Get help and get proof.