I Was a Candidate for Bankruptcy

The first time I experienced being poor was about a month after I was laid off from my job. I was receiving unemployment benefits, but they just did begin to cover my monthly expenses. I used to stay one month ahead of all my payments, so that first month was easy to get through. The second month was a struggle, and the third month is when everything fell apart. It was the fourth month of unemployment when I knew that I had to contact a Sacramento bankruptcy attorney. I did not want to go down this route, but I really had no other choice.

I was not the only one who was laid off, which meant the job market was saturated with people of my skill set. I could have worked a minimum wage job, but my unemployment benefits covered more of my expenses. I was at risk of losing things that I had worked so hard for, and I was hoping that an attorney would be able to help me. I did not know the first thing about bankruptcy because I had never had the need to know anything about it.

I was not even sure if I would be eligible for it, which is why I wanted a professional who deals with bankruptcy law day in and day out to help me with this. I made an appointment with a law firm not far from my house. I was thankful that the consultation was free, because that meant if I was not eligible, I had not just wasted money to find out that no help was available to me. As it turned out though, I was a prime candidate, and my financial woes soon disappeared. With my unemployment benefits, life became much more manageable, and I have a very promising job lead soon that I think is going to put me back in the game for good again!