Three Ways Auto Dealers Are Boosting Sales

In today’s internet age, consumers are going online first before they make a buying decision. About 10 years ago, consumers only needed to see a product three times before they made a buying decision. Today, however, consumers need to view a product at least 10 times before deciding to purchase it. Auto dealers are taking notice of this trend and beefing up their sales strategies to accommodate the growing needs of their customers. A vast majority of salespeople are being retrained on ways to better serve their new audience and to bring more foot traffic onto their lots. Here are three strategies that car dealers are using to boost sales.

Having a Website

One key step to expand a business’s market is to have a website. This might sound like a no-brainer, but unfortunately, many car dealerships do not own a website and there are those that do not want one. Consumers today are very conscious of their spending and will research online first before writing a check or taking out a loan. First impressions are everything. That being said, dealerships without a website are losing many prospects. A typical car dealer website should consist of inventory listings, an about us page and a map on how to get to the business’s location.

Sending Out Courtesy Notes

The primary goal of a salesperson is to generate a customer for life. Throughout a given time span, repeat customers are what keep businesses alive. One way dealers can be in the back of a customer’s mind is to send courtesy notes such as holiday and birthday cards. If a dealer has a services department, perhaps a periodic reminder for an oil change would be beneficial to the customer. Giving the customer a personal touch reminds them that they are not just another sale but an important asset to the business.

Being Aware of Their Online Reputation

With the extension of social media applications on mobile devices, it is now easier for an individual to update their Twitter or Facebook statuses on the spot. What does this mean for an auto dealership? It means that if a person does not have a good experience when visiting the car lot, they can instantly post their complaint on Facebook and Twitter which can be viewed by all of their friends. This also means that potentially, a dealership could get a bad review that is viewed by hundreds or even thousands of would be prospects. Therefore, it is important for a dealership to be aware of any reviews about their business and to be able to respond to those reviews to prevent any further damage.

In conclusion, a car dealership must be proactive when it comes to boosting sales: by having an online presence, such as a website, prospects can research and consider purchasing a vehicle long before they step foot on a car lot; by keeping track of their online reputation and being prepared to do damage control for negative reviews; and reminding existing customers that they are important by sending out courtesy cards. Following these key steps, auto dealers can be prepared to handle any customer situation in a proactive manner.